DUST — 2% fee on every transaction

1% is burned

1% is sent to the Source for random airdrop — this is determined through the use of a complex Random Number Generator that can be seen on our Verified Contract.

SOURCE = = top 255 wallets

The SOURCE is calculated at every transaction. Each new address that receives DUST triggers a function that stores each wallet balance.

DUST will only be traded on DEX in it’s current use and we do not plan to list on any other exchanges (please do not spam us to do so!) . All the…

Gravity Game will be hosting a gaming competition to kick off the unveiling of our In-Game asset Starter NFTs !

Starting 12/13/2020 at 7PM GMT we will encourage our Telegram members to try their hand at Space Traveler hosted by Gamee!

Our current members have unknowingly been perfecting their skills at this game so the competition should be fierce!! There are no known upgrades in the game so they do not have any advantage over new members other than the fact they’ve been battling each other at the leaderboard for almost a whole day!

Rules are simple!

The competition will last for 3…

The DUST token experiment has been created as a prologue to a revolutionary new platform, Gravity Game

DUST is a deflationary ERC20 token and the rules are simple. As one accumulates DUST in their wallet, they create a sort of gravitational pull to other DUST floating around in space.

Be careful with your DUST!

Upon every transaction of DUST, a 2percent “tax” is imposed.

1 percent of every transaction is burned forever
1 percent of every transaction is airdropped randomly and automatically to one of the top 255 holders (The Source)

Doctor Gravity

PhD — Astrophysics & Space Sciences | Director of Operations at Gravity.Game

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