DUST — 2% fee on every transaction

1% is burned

1% is sent to the Source for random airdrop — this is determined through the use of a complex Random Number Generator that can be seen on our Verified Contract.

SOURCE = = top 255 wallets

The SOURCE is calculated at every transaction. Each new address that receives DUST triggers a function that stores each wallet balance.

DUST will only be traded on DEX in it’s current use and we do not plan to list on any other exchanges (please do not spam us to do so!) . All the functions that happen within the contracts cannot be transferred onto a centralized exchange. With this being said, centralized exchange wallets CAN be whitelisted to not impose the contract functions but this is not something that we are currently forecasting.

Contract — https://etherscan.io/address/0xd9eae2f204d7506dd2c22394ad57fce47675b111


NFTs produced through the Staking of DUST is the entrance into our DeFi / Gaming Ecosystem.

Staking = = Starter NFT + Mutations + Upgrades

Starter Pod — To mint a starter pod, you must stake 10K DUST for a 3 day or 72 hour period. Once the starter pod is minted, you may choose to hatch it into a creature or continue to stake and apply evolutionary mutations.

Once the starter pod has been minted, it can be used as an asset in Gravity Game or be sold / traded through the Gravity Game Marketplace.

There are multiple levels of interaction within our ecosystem.

Staking/Farming — — To enter the ecosystem, one must stake to produce. Once NFTs are produced, no limit is placed upon the producer. You may unstake/restake (2% fee) and continue to produce NFTs. The 72 hour period will be reset each time and you will produce 1 starter pod for every 10K DUST that are staked.

Gamers — — To enter the gaming ecosystem of Gravity Game, one must obtain a starter NFT. This can be done through the staking of DUST or by purchasing the NFT from our marketplace (payable in ETH or DUST)

  • Every purchase through the Gravity Game Marketplace generates a recurring revenue.
    80% — Goes to the staker or vendor responsible for supplying the NFT
    10% — Platform Fund — Used for general up-keep
    10% — LP Providers — Future DeFi Feature

DUST is a deflationary but rewarding ERC20 token that is used as the Utility token for Gravity Game.

Gravity Game

All this has to mean something? Other than the super cool NFT development and marketplace.. and the lottery mechanism of the token itself.. This is after all, a game right? Like a video game??

We are going to be upfront with these details and explain this the best we can. All the details of this game will not be released in this article. What we can say is that Gravity Game will be one of the coolest and lightest games running with blockchain integration so far.

We’ve had the CryptoKitties. We’ve had the eSports betting with battle royale style gaming. We’ve even had (OVERHAD) the casino type dice and other RNG (not rng) passive gaming.

You have never had anything like this!

We have looked at the gaming industry extensively. We’ve studied what’s hot, what’s not, trending or bust! Hell, we are old school, old blood, generational melding gamers ourselves! We know what is cool! We know what is mind blowing! We know what we want in a game!

We have been working on Gravity Game as a platform that is accessible through both mobile and PC devices. Jump on the site from either and start playing immediately! …but that’s not even where the magic begins. I mean true magic like you take your hands before you and start whipping up some crazy stuff!


Gravity Game shines when you open into the VR platform. We have carefully designed a layout for the game that encourages you to experiment and experience what it is like to put yourself inside of a space-based lab and work with your creations hands-on! (CryptoKitties..pshhhhh)

Grow and experiment on your Starter pods with the dust you have collected in space. Be the scientist and creator by mixing and matching different elements, collected energies, and even other pods to create something truly magnificent!

Transforming Starter Pod

To Be Continued… Come see the Gravity Game in VR — Q1 2021

PhD — Astrophysics & Space Sciences | Director of Operations at Gravity.Game

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