What is the DUST token project?

The DUST token experiment has been created as a prologue to a revolutionary new platform, Gravity Game

DUST is a deflationary ERC20 token and the rules are simple. As one accumulates DUST in their wallet, they create a sort of gravitational pull to other DUST floating around in space.

Be careful with your DUST!

Upon every transaction of DUST, a 2percent “tax” is imposed.

1 percent of every transaction is burned forever
1 percent of every transaction is airdropped randomly and automatically to one of the top 255 holders (The Source)

Staking Does the DUST contain life?
Gravity Game will be providing a staking platform for holders of the DUST token. The platform will produce assets that will add value to the ecosystem through the use of custom generated NFTs. The NFTs will correspond to in-game creatures and upgrades for our upcoming VR title, Gravity Game!

Not a gamer? Not a problem! Anyone who stakes to produce custom assets may immediately begin to trade and sell them on our open marketplace. This should prove to be a lucrative opportunity for early stakers.

**As we move into Q1 2021 and the Official Launch of Gravity Game, the staking platform specifics will be announced along with very special partnership details! Please stay on the lookout for new details!


Total Supply — 178 Million DUST
Private Sale — 10.5M 350K / ETH (30 ETH CAP)
Public Sale — 100M 250K / ETH (400 ETH CAP)
Liquidity — 60M 200K / ETH (300 ETH)
Team — 2.5M
Marketing (Long Term) — 5M

Roadmap | Be on the lookout for updates to this roadmap!

q2 2020: Design Concept & Game developer partnership
q3 2020: Asset development
q4 2020: Presale / Token Distribution / Partnership announcement
q1 2021: Staking platform / ALPHA release / DeFi marketplace
q2 2021 & Beyond: TOP SECRET (watch for news prior to Public Presale)


Telegram: https://t.me/GravityGameDefi
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GravityGameDefi
Website: https://gravity.game/

PhD — Astrophysics & Space Sciences | Director of Operations at Gravity.Game

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